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Lakeshore Property Owners Association

New Residents


New Construction or Renovation
Prior to beginning the construction of a residence, garage, swimming pool, fence or other structure, the owner shall submit reproduced copies of the detailed plans and specifications of the proposed building or structure to the Orleans Levee District Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority. No work shall be permitted on the building until such written approval is received and building permit is obtained from the City of New Orleans.

All plans must meet the requirements of the covenants of the Lakeshore Subdivision and be approved by the Orleans Levee District. The plans must also be approved by the Safety Permits Department of the City of New Orleans.

The ultimate responsibility for compliance with the restrictions is on the property owner. Approval of plans and/or issuance of the permit does not satisfy compliance with the title restrictions if, in fact, the construction, whether or not in accordance with the approved plans, is in violation of the lakeshore restrictions.

City Zoning Ordinance on Generators:


1. Ground-based or wall-mounted mechanical equipment (with less than 7 feet of vertical clearance) including, but not limited to, heating, ventilating, geothermal energy, and air-conditioning (HVAC) units, swimming pool equipment, and back-up electrical generators, may be located in an interior side or rear yard and shall be located at least two (2) feet from the interior side or rear property line. This two (2) foot distance shall remain open to the sky.

2.  Wall-mounted mechanical equipment, with 7 feet or greater of vertical clearance, may be located in an interior side or rear yard and shall be at least 18 inches from the property line.

3. Ground-based mechanical equipment is prohibited in a front or corner side yard. Mechanical equipment setbacks in this section only apply to mechanical equipment in required interior and rear yards and do not apply if there are no yard requirements. 

4. However, any existing ground-based mechanical equipment that does not comply with the location requirements as of the date of adoption of this Ordinance is considered legally conforming and may be replaced and repaired. 

5. All approved ground-based mechanical equipment, including, but not limited to HVAC units, shall be screened when readily visible from the public right-of-way, excluding alleys. Screening materials may be masonry, wood, or landscape, and shall effectively screen mechanical equipment so no portion is readily visible from that public right-of-way. Color and texture of a masonry wall shall be compatible with the color and texture of the principal building on the site. If ground-based mechanical equipment is screened by an existing structure, fence or landscape, such that it is not readily visible from that public right-of-way, it will be considered to have met these requirements.

6.  Ground-based mechanical equipment shall be constructed above base floor elevation (BFE), when applicable. If the equipment would be constructed so that it will be higher than a fence in the interior side yard, it may not be located within the interior side yard.

7.  Any roof-mounted mechanical equipment shall be set back at least six (6) feet from any wall of the building to permit safe access to the roof and shall not be visible from the public right-of-way.

Adopted by Ord. 29126, 8-12-22, ZD016/22

Prohibited Activities
Prohibited activities on residential properties include: (1) use as professional offices; such use includes offices or working space for anyone other than the residents of the home; (2) regular visits by the employees or associates; (3) visits by patients, clients, customers, etc.; or (4) shipments from the home. Also prohibited are use of residential property for bed and breakfast operations, garage sales and yard sales. The Lakeshore residents are also requested to not post political yard signs on their property.

Commercial vehicles, boats and trailers should not be parked long-term on our streets. Also, park all residential vehicles in garages, carports and driveways rather than the public streets.

Join the LPOA
We welcome all new residents. Dues are only $50 yearly and renewable every January.  We lobby hard for our community and seek to maintain our common space for a better quality of life.

Recent Activities of the LPOA:
1. Represent Lakeshore’s interests on the Orleans Levee District’s Non-Flood Asset Commission, the Crime Prevention District and our local and state elected officials. 

2. Working on the neighborhood horticulture; 

3. Attend city-wide neighborhood meetings voicing the concerns of Lakeshore residents and taking leadership roles and positions.

Please refer to the covenants for the Lakeshore Subdivision.
If you have any questions regarding the restrictions, please contact the Orleans Levee District’s Non-Flood Asset Commission on Spanish Fort Boulevard.

Political Yard Signs
The Lakeshore homeowners asks that you please refrain from any yard signs in our neighborhood. We want to maintain a tranquil and clean appearance for the neighborhood. We ask all residents to voluntarily comply.  

If you have any questions or suggestions or want to serve, please contact our board members which can be found on our governance page.  


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